Whenever I'm on vacation out of town, I love to check out as many interesting places and sites as I can. Whether it's to see the largest ball of twine or the largest frying pan in the country, it's all part of the vacation experience.

It doesn't have to be an oddity. When I visit Ocean City, Maryland for a beach vacation, I always made a short trip to Assateague Island to check out the wild ponies. That's an experience you don't get to see most anywhere else in the country.

Camping in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, I usually make a stop at Luray Caverns and along the Blue Ridge Parkway, I love to hike the trails and look for the remains of old cabins that used to dot the mountains many years ago.

There are so many cool, interesting, and even odd sites to see in every state of the United States, and that's part of why I love to travel around the country. But the funny this is, I tend to ignore some of the more interesting and even odd things you will find right here in New York State.

I grew up in the Corning New York area, which has been dubbed the Glass Capital of The World and is home to the famous Corning Museum of Glass. People from all over the world make the museum a stop on their tour of our country. But it wasn't until I was in my early 20s when I made my first visit to the museum. I didn't realize just how popular and how amazing it was, and it is right in my own community.

Well, there are many interesting and yes, kind of odd places to visit right here in our state of New York, and here are a few to check out. Some of these, I didn't even know existed. Thanks to our intern, Olivia Sturgell for uncovering these interesting places in New York.

I especially am intrigued by the roadway where you put your car in neutral and watch it roll uphill. Yea, that's a head-scratcher right there.

9 Upstate New York Oddities

Upstate New York; a place filled with nature, culture, community, and of course, a few oddities and roadside attractions thrown in as well.

What's fun about a completely normal, cookie-cutter place? Nothing.

Bringing the odd, confusing, and fun, here are 9 Upstate New York Oddities!

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