Well, it's usually empty for a part of the day, except for a couple of Greyhounds waiting for me to come home from spending a part of Thanksgiving elsewhere.

Thanksgiving was always a big deal at my house when I was growing up. The day would start with my dad going out deer hunting. When I turned 16, I joined him, but never really got into it.

My mom is a great cook. Our Thanksgiving table was full of everything you'd think of when picturing a Thanksgiving meal. Of course, we'd be watching the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City on TV, as long as the antenna on the roof hadn't moved due to high winds. We could only pick up three channels on a flimsy antenna, and most the time, the picture was fuzzy, but that was what we were used to.

After I left home to go out on my own, I would come back for a few years to celebrate Thanksgiving, but eventually, my celebrations were at my own home. That was followed by celebrating Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's home where I've spent time for the past 20 years or so. I used to bring my Greyhounds, but they get too excited being in another home, and that can spell disaster.

This year, Thanksgiving will be a lot different for me. There will be no visits to anyone on Thanksgiving. I will stay home because of the pandemic, and I'm not sure what the Thanksgiving meal will look like. As I get older, the meal consisting of more stuff that anyone could ever eat, just doesn't seem like a big deal to me anymore. I'd be happy with a pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra cheese.

Even the Thanksgiving parade will be different at television only event. Not sure how that will look, but I will check it out. Even the football games scheduled don't really interest me much. I might check in from time to time on the Washington and Dallas game, but since both teams are struggling, will it really be worth watching?

Well., at least my Greyhounds will be happy I'll be home all day. Yep, this pandemic thing can end anytime now. We need our Thanksgiving back, and everything else it has taken away.

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