Remember back in the day when you watched a TV show as it aired on that big, heavy TV set in the living room? If you missed and episodes, the show was gone until Summer rerun season. Is there even a Summer reun season anymore? Probably not, since you have options to catch that missed show.

First it was recording it on a VCR. When they came out, it changed the landscape, and allowed us to do something else while recording our favorite TV shows. That is, provided you didn't forget to set the VCR to record at the correct time, and the cassette tape didn't break halfway through.

Then came the DVR in various forms and products. Now we could record our favorite shows so much easier and with no more rewinding a tape. Finally, we have online services that allow us (with a  paid subscription of course) to watch our favorite shows whenever we want, also wherever we want, on whatever device that goes online, and we can binge watch an entire season or the whole series with some.

As you know, that's called 'Binge Watching.' I fell victim to this practice a couple of years ago with a show I had never watched during its nine season network run. The show is 'The Office.' I watch every episode in about two months time, and then started all over again and again and, well, I'm still watching. Sad, I know.

There are other shows I've been checking out, like 'Parks and Rec.' What I would like to see more, are shows I grew up watching, like 'My Three Sons', 'Dragnet' and 'Get Smart' to name a few.

So, what shows do you binge watch, and what would you like to be added to the online services that you would binge watch?