When I'm not listening to Classic Rock on The Whale, I'm usually glued to my television watching some series on Netflix. And yes, there are other shows I watch besides 'The Office.'

Sometimes between episodes of a series I may be watching, I do take a break and catch an episode of 'The Office.' I'm mean, why not?

The latest series I have been binge-watching, is 'Dark.' It's the first German language original series created on Netflix. There are two seasons, with a third in the works. The first season debut in 2017, and the second about a year ago. I hadn't discovered the series until two weeks ago and thought I'd give it a watch. I was hooked.

It's about time travel, set in several time periods separated by 33 years each - 2019, 1987, and 1953 in the first season and expands to 1921 and 2053 in the second season. The series centers on four families living in a small German town which has a nuclear power plant as their largest employer.

I will admit, it's one of those series in which you have to really pay attention, because the story lines are complex and the characters are even more complex. For example, several of the show's characters have different actors portraying them because of the wide difference in years. I actually needed to check the show's website to make sure I knew for sure who each character was, depending on the year of each scene. I think I've got it figured out now.

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But the thing about doing a show about time travel, means you really have to get it right, since anytime someone travels to a different time, any actions could alter the future and that means certain events or even people might never exist. It can really mess with your head, but the show's creators did a really good job making it all believable.

I've often wondered if time travel would be a cool thing to be able to do, or if it would be a major mistake, since you would have the power to change things if you traveled into the past. Maybe it's a good thing time travel doesn't exist. Or does it?

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