I hate to answer that question. I'm not sure why I'm even tackling the question, but summer is about to end, at least unofficially, so can we look into the crystal ball to find an answer, good bad?

I am a super fan of summer. I don't want the season to end. Early fall is nice as is late spring, but those other months from mid October to the 1st of May don't win over any favor from me.

I hate the fact that camping season is done for six months and being that I am not an outdoor winter person, being cooped up in the house when I'm not a work becomes boring.

But enough of my whining. Let's try to make the best of the upcoming cold and winter  months as best we can. That's my attitude anyway. It certainly will be a bit of a different end of summer/early fall season with sporting events all messed up, colleges and schools dealing with some in-class learning while others are online.

Who knows how Halloween will be this year. Will the kids trick or treat? I normally DJ at school dances for Halloween, homecomings, winter formals and such during the fall season. Not this year.
We've had to cancel some live events we normally do in the fall. But we're hopeful that next year they will all be back.

How will the pandemic affect the holiday season? Will there be no ball drop in New York City or anywhere else? Maybe there will still be a ball drop, with no one on the street below? That would be weird.

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