"Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck!" Remember that song? 'Convoy' by C.W. McCall. That song came out in 1975 during the height of the CB Radio era. And that song landed at 98 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time.

'Convoy' topped the Pop and Country charts that year as well. But this isn't about the song. It's about the CB Radio, or Citizens Band Radio if you must. I was a part of that craze.

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Yes, I had a CB Radio in my cars. It was the cool thing to do. and I believe I had a portable CB radio at home as well, but that memory is a bit fuzzy. And of course if you had a CB radio, you had to have a cool name to go along with it.

So with that in mind, I asked another crazy Don Morgan question on social media - "What was your handle back in the day if you had a CB Radio? How did you come up with the name?"

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Okay, it was a two part question. But if you had a cool handle, we all want to know how you came up with it...or do we?!

Well, take a look below at what Southern Tier of New Yorkers and Northeast Pennsylvanians handles were during the days of the CB radio, and check out our Facebook page for more local CB handles!

Brenda T. - Flower Girl, my dad, who was called Hi-Geer, gave me that handle.

Ricky U. - The Blue Shadow because I had a 1969 blue Camaro

Mud Pup - Lost Dowg -back in the day I used to catch someone playing House of pain jump around early in the morning by the industrial Park exit

Tom W. - Evil-T cause my name is Tom and I could be really Evil if I needed to be

Connelly - Mine was Blonde Bombshell and my Dad was Shoot 'em up. My sister was Peanut and my Mom was Petal to the Metal

Dave E. - Shortstuff when Dad had the home-based. Cause I was tall for my age

James M - Baffo Rider. First wife lived in Lackawanna NY and I lived in Scranton Pa . I would drive back and Forth

Carolyn F. - Husband was Sand Bagger from his Vietnam days

Jerry M. - Bigfoot and I was an actual Truck Driver not an amateur "CB'er"

Carol G. - My husband's was Kaar the 1 crash camel

Bruce H. - Muzzleloader - liked muzzle loading rifles

Kelly C. - I remember Aunt Mad sitting there at her bar in the house talking to everyone her handle was Mama Bear right

Mark W. - The Upholsterer was my handle because I liked upholstering furniture

Mae K. - Blue Bird. I had a baby blue Firebird

Richard K.-  Wood Hauler used to sell firewood

Debby B. - Mason Rabbit Ears. My dad said I heard everything

Linda D. - Didn’t have one but my husbands was Dip Stick. He worked at a garage.

Bob N. - Wheelchock - I almost lost my job one time because company policy required us to chock our wheels when parked. I ran into the office for just a minute, came out and there's the big boss demanding to know who drives this truck lol. Long story short, I did keep my job, and gained the CB handle that I still use today (this happened over 30 years ago)

Robert S. - Cobra. I was driving a Cobra II (which I still own)

Pat K. - Ann as I was trying to decide my 5 year old niece stood by me holding her Raggedy Ann doll and she said you could be Raggedy Ann and I never could have told her no, so that's my story

John T. - Willdbro because my brother was the wild man on WAAL.

Richard S. - Budman cause at the time I liked bud

Kimberly A. - Little Red as I was a kid with red hair

Tina L. - Littleish. I’m the youngest in my family maiden name is Isham

Sean W. - Mine was Wise Guy because all I ate was Wise Potato Chips and Crowley's Chocolate Milk.

Ramona S. - Little Freight Girl, because my daddy drive tractor trailers and his was Freight Man

Lee P. - My dad was the Rusty Zipper

Laura H. - Little Shepherd. Lived on.a sheep farm

OK Weirdo · Wildfire - Stoplight red hair and a bad attitude

Mark  T. - Eagles Nest. was our family home base handle. My dad loved eagles and we lived on a really high mountain

William C. - Wild Bill. That's a nickname some people called me

Stephanie F. - My husband's was Casper and it was because he was here one minute and gone the next

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