Sometimes I think too much. It's not that I'm a smart guy, it's just that my mind wanders too much, and that gets me into trouble.

I have trouble at times paying attention. Isn't there a term and a pill for that? I'm sure there is, but, I'm not interested. I remember (or do I) sitting in class at school trying to hang on to every word the teacher belted out, but sometimes a word or sentence uttered, would cause me to think of something else, and then all bets were off.

To this day, I still have that issue. And being a manager, that is not a good thing...or is it? Anyway, here's some things that I get thinking about, and wonder "Why" or "How?"

My brain wants to explode when I think that the Universe is endless. Or so they say. How can that be? If it were not endless, then what's on the other side? Must be something, so it can't be endless. Ugh.

Why can't I remember more of my childhood and the things my friends and I used to do in school. Is it because after graduation, I never saw any of them again, and so no constant recollections of events and past experiences just faded away?

Why can't I remember your name? Probably just a bad habit. When someone is introduced to me, I'm not even paying attention. That's just bad.

Sometimes I will leave a room to go get or do something in another room. When I arrive, I've forgotten what I needed to do.

Jokes. I can't get one out from start to finish without screwing it up. That's a career I could never embark on.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older? Maybe it's because I have a lazy brain? I don't know. I feel like I'm becoming more like the character 'Creed' on the TV Sitcom 'The Office.'

Remind me again why you're here?!

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