It has been drummed into us, especially at work where most people wear several hats these days, that multitasking is possible and effective. Wrong!

A few research studies in the last year have shown that multitasking isn't a good idea, but the latest study blows the lid off the multitasking myth.

The results of multitasking are inadequate work results. the brain, as a rule does not like focusing on two things at once, it isn't made to. This new study, according to the book "The Organized Mind", says that the multitaskers actually suck at the jobs they do when not focused on solely. Ouch!

Since the author of the book is a neuroscientist, I will take his word for it.Dr. Daniel Levitin actually says that multitasking leads you to think harder than when you smoke pot.

So let's see if companies listen. I will guess not!


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