I come from a very close tight knit family. We all get along so well and we all have a great sense of humor. So holidays with my family are truly special. It's hard for all the siblings to get together on any other day, but when it comes to holidays, we all look forward to spending time with each other.

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Not just that, but as I have said before, the Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year. On Thanksgiving we all do our part to get the food ready, my job is to make the mashed potatoes, and we all sit down and eat together. Sometimes there is many as 25 people at my sister's house.

After we're done eating and everybody has had their fair share of deserts, we quickly wash all the dishes, clean up, and put everything away, we clear off the table to play board games. Every year we end up with at least one if not two new games, and we always seem to fall back on some fun group games like Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity.

We all sit around laughing like idiots and just having a good time while enjoying some adult beverages. After many hours of playing games, we get the turkey back out for turkey sandwiches.

This year will be the first year ever that I will not be with most of my family for Thanksgiving. Chris and I are going to have Thanksgiving Dinner at our house with Ian, Chris's son, my stepson, and Ian’s father, John. As much as I'm sure I will enjoy that, it still won't be the same without all of my siblings around.

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