This weekend was a busy, but still a nice weekend for me. Saturday we did some running around and then headed out to Tioga Downs for the 38 Special concert. We bought our tickets, got some beers and headed outside to our seats. While we were sitting there, we saw lightning in the distance and they made an announcement from the stage, that the show would start at 9. So, we went inside to gamble. The thunderstorm that caused the show to be delayed, ended up ripping a hole in the roof of the stage where water just pored down on the drum set and equipment leading to the show being canceled. They are working on rescheduling that show if possible. If they can't reschedule the concert, the 15 dollars went to help local veterans so I'm ok with donating that.

Sunday, we volunteered for a few hours at our church, did some stuff around the house and headed out for the evening.

Monday morning, we took a road trip with another couple, up to Seneca Lake. My wife wanted to pick some cherries. Our friend Jo Ellen wanted to go as well. My wife made mention going to one of the wineries for lunch. When Jo's husband Dave heard that, he looked at me and said "Lunch, maybe we should go with them". So we did. It was an awesome day weather wise and sitting on the deck while enjoying lunch, staring at the lake, made the picking of cherries worth while.

Chris Free
Chris Free

Yesterday, Chris pitted the cherries for hours while I did 5 hours of yard work, then we went to a friends house for their annual 4th of July cookout. It was great. We hung out with friends and enjoyed some adult beverages before heading home so my wife could bake a homemade Cherry Pie. She was up till about 11:30 baking that.

We had a great time and I think we have enough cherries to last a few years. We ended up picking 60 dollars worth of sour and sweet cherries. That's a crap ton of cherries.

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