The Opening Round of the Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll is done, and that means 16 of the 32 artists and bands have made it through to the Classic Rockin' 16 Round. That also means 16 great rockers will have to wait until next year to try again to advance.

We'd like to thank the Whale Nation for your votes during the 30th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll as we continue the rounds and voting Thursday and Friday.

Thursday features the Classic Rockin' 16 Round and when the day is done, only eight rockers will survive, so be sure to listen in and vote for your favorite rock artists and bands to get to the next round. The phone number to call in your votes is 723-9996. Tune to 99.1 The Whale to find out when the voting and who the artists are each hour.

Here’s how Thursday's Classic Rockin' Round is progressing, and keep checking back for updates and end of day results:

Battle Number:

17. The Classic Rockin' 16 round began with the Scorpions and the Grateful Dead, This my friends, was a battle. We love close battles and in the end, it was the Dead Truckin' on to the next round.

18. Next up - The Beatles and AC/DC. Seems like an odd pairing, but we have no control over that. Have to say, I'm a little surprised at the outcome, and again not completely surprised. Does that make sense? The winner of this round - The Beatles.

19. Here is a classic battle between a 70s band and an 80s band. Eagles versus Journey. Again a close one, with The Eagles taking it to the limit (translation - they won.)

20. Queen takes on Aerosmith. Too close to call if I were a betting man. And it was a close contest, but not close enough for Aerosmith. Queen advances.

21. Another interesting battle between Yes and Pat Benatar. Two completely different type of rockers. Hard to say how this would turn out. It was an even voting process throughout, and when it ended, Yes came out victorious.

22. Kiss battles Led Zeppelin. A clash of the titans. Only one will survive to advance. Well, Led Zeppelin fans took no chance at losing, and basically told Kiss to Get The Led Out (mic drop.)

23. Stop. I can't take battles like this featuring two of my favorite Classic Rockers. The Who and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Really? Glad I'm not voting. It's in the hands of The Whale Nation. Apparently, The Whale Nation prefers Lynyrd Skynyrd. Good call either way.

24. The final battle of the Classic Rockin' 16 Round. Lots of callers voting for their favorite between Guns-N-Roses and Pink Floyd. One caller chimed in with his vote, and then made the comment "Gonna send Guns-N-Roses to the Dark Side of the Moon." And so it was.

That's a wrap for Thursday. Now we get down to some serious business on Friday. Four Classic Rock Final 8 Rounds, two Classic Rock Big 4 Rounds, and one Whale Bowl Championship Round. It's gonna get crazy. Be there and vote for your favorite Classic Rocker. The fun begins around 8:40 am.

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