It has begun! The 30th annual Whale Bowl of Rock-n-Roll began Tuesday morning and will continue through Friday afternoon when we get down to the two finalists for the championship round.

Doug Mosher began the Opening Round battles this morning with the Scorpions blasting out Pearl Jam. All who win advance to the next round. The Opening Round occurs Tuesday and Wednesday. We need your vote to advance your favorite rocker, so listen in and vote at 723-9996.

Here's how Tuesday's Opening Round battles have played out so far:
Battle Number:

1. The Scorpions - many votes. Pearl Jam - much less. It's the sting of the Scorpion.

2. The Grateful Dead slightly edged out Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in a stunning upset. No disrespect to the Dead, but Tom Petty normally gets quite far in the Whale Bowl. Not this year, apparently.

3. AC/DC and Rush faced off in a tough battle with AC/DC coming out on top. It's a  long way to the top if you want to rock-n-roll. Sorry for that.

4.The Beatles out voted Cheap Trick by just one vote. Fab Four rule!

5. The Eagles flew high over Heart. One of the biggest margins of voting so far.

6. Journey fans out-voted dedicated Electric Light Orchestra fans to advance.

7. A tough battle between Brits Queen and Ozzy Osbourne, but Freddie and the gang toughed it out over the Blizard of Oz to advance.

8. A battle between two heavyweights - Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. A touch choice to choose for sure, but hey it's just all in fun. Good back and forth with voters.The winner to head to the next round? Aerosmith!

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