Earlier this year, we convinced the company (Townsquare Media) to open up their wallet so we cold give it away to listeners. They agreed. Who knew?

In April The Whale along with many of our sister radio stations embarked on a Win Cash contest, which we affectionately call 2K A Day because it sounds kind of cool and we couldn't come up with something better.

Doesn't' matter anyway, since the premise of giving away money was the whole idea. And it worked! For three weeks we gave out code words twice each weekday that makes someone 1000 dollars richer. Dan Patrick of Binghamton was one of those winners!

It was so fun, we're doing it again. This week and next, listen to 99.1 The Whale for those code words (two per day) at around 8:10 am and 4:10 pm. Those code words could win you 1000 dollars, just like it did for Dan Patrick.

Click on the blue button below for all the details and where to stick that code word when we give it out on the radio. Good luck!

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