Cash Code is back and it's your chance to win up to $5,000 . I can't win this money, but you can. If I could though, I have a few ideas for how I'd spend it, and I've outlined a wish list of five ways I'd spend it, below. What do you think, and what would you spend $5,000 on?

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  • ThinkStock

    Down Payment on a New Van

    I've been driving a 2001 conversion/high top van since 2008. It was a great van in its heyday, but over the years, being used to transport me to and from work in addition to DJ gig. And with all that weight of DJ equipment, it's getting beat up. Rust has formed in many places, and even though I've replaced a lot of parts, it's gonna fall apart or rust away...soon.

  • ThinkStock

    A Vacation Tour of the U.S.A.

    I love to travel, and I'd love to travel across the USA. Preferably by car, but I would not rule out a portion of the trip via train. Let someone else do the driving while enjoying the awesome scenery.

  • ThinkStock

    A New Mobile DJ Setup

    OK, when it comes to buying DJ equipment, I have a problem. I like to buy more than I need. Usually it's the latest type of lighting effect. They look so cool! Yea, it's a problem for sure.

  • ThinkStock

    A Bad-Ass Snowblower

    Sure, I have a small, older snowblower that does the job for light snowstorms, but what about ones that are a foot deep or more? Yea, I want a bad-ass snowblower for my small driveway and sidewalk, because why not? I'd even take care of my neighbors too!

  • Don Morgan

    Stuff for my Campsite

    Oh yea, do you know how many lawn ornaments I could buy for $5,000? A lot, thats how many. I'd be the envy of my fellow campers...or I'd be labeled as the weird one. Probably the latter, but who cares.