Who wants to win 1000 dollars? Well, I do for one. The only problem I would have is what to spend it on.

Would I take the responsible route and pay some bills? 1000 dollars would pay off a couple of my bills. It would make a big dent in some others. Yea, I like to spend money. I was born to be a millionaire, but that didn't work out so well. I still like to spend more money than I should. I blame the credit card companies, although it's probably more my fault.

Anyway, you may have heard of our new, improved 2K A Day giveaway. The cool thing about this new way of entering makes it easier to enter. Twice each weekday - around 7:10 am and 4:10 pm, we give you a code word.

Once you hear that code word, you visit 991thewhale.com, click on 2K A Day under the tending bar at the top of the page, click on the entry box for the day - either AM or PM and type in the code word. Now you are entered!

The cool thing is, you have just before midnight to enter the two daily code words (each day there are two different code words.) That way, if you hear the code word and are not able to get online, you still have time to enter.

By the way, you can also enter via our new phone app! Enter where it says 'Win Cash.' If you haven't downloaded our new phone app, visit your app store and search for 99.1 The Whale. It's free to download and I think you'll love it!

Good luck! I hope we can put 1000 dollars in your pocket. Click here for complete contest information and rules.

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