Another weekend gone, another weekend of nothing but being a couch potato down the drain. What am I doing wrong?

For one thing, home projects are getting in the way, but I'm becoming better at electrical work. In past couple of weeks, I've rewired a wall plate and installed a new kitchen ceiling light. For those of you who know basic electrical work, you probably are thinking that those projects are quite simple.

Well, in many homes that's probably the case, but in my dysfunctional built home, not so easy. Previous lighting fixtures were installed like someone was in a hurry, so it took a bit more time for me to do it right.

This past weekend, I replaced the chandelier hanging in my so-called dining room. The room was designed as a dining room, but I converted it to my office, and since the ceilings are only 7 foot tall, I'm constantly banging my head into the chandelier. What a stupid idea that was to put in a room with a low ceiling.

I installed a nice ceiling flush mount light, that's lightweight and is LED, so that will save me some money. That will be about the extent of my electrical work. Anything more complicated will be done by by buddy who specializes in that type of thing.

Now, maybe I can get back to planning an actual couch potato weekend, that is unless something else breaks.

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