New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo stated today (Friday, January 29th) in his midday press conference that larger wedding receptions in New York State can resume again beginning March 15th, after a long wait through the pandemic.

I mobile DJ weddings from time to time, and last year was the first year I've not entertained at a wedding in over three decades. And for those who entertain at weddings fulltime or part-time, whether being a DJ, a band, photographer, videographer, caterers, venue owner, venue employees, or one of many others who work weddings and wedding receptions, it's been a really tough year. I can only imagine that some may have given up and gone on to other ways of making an income.

According to WKBW, there are rules and limitations for wedding receptions in New York State. No more than 150 guests or 50 percent of the venue's capacity (whichever is smaller) will be allowed to attend. All guests must be tested negative for coronavirus before attending the reception, and approval must come from local health officials.

Governor Cuomo stated that the decision was made due to the success of limited attendance at the Buffalo Bills playoff games at Bills stadium over the past two weekends.

The question I have no answer to at this time is, will entertainment be allowed with DJs and bands? If so, they will also need to be tested in advance I would assume as well.

Will guests be allowed to dance? I've played at events where I've pretty much just been background music, but never at a wedding reception. Not to say it couldn't happen, but then who is to stop someone from dancing?

Hopefully, this will not be an issue. Entertainment is a huge part of a wedding reception. But at least this will hopefully be a good thing for many couples in New York State who were hoping to get married this year.

via WKBW

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