For the first few months, bars were not allowed to have live entertainment with bands and mobile DJs, but the restrictions have been lifted to a point with restrictions of course.

School dances and weddings were cancelled or postponed. As someone who has been a part time Mobile DJ for a few decades, I lost a few of each this year. While I don't entertain a lot of events, everything came to a screeching halt in the middle of March.

I can't imagine when school dances will be allowed to happen again. What is a school year with out the annual homecoming dance and senior prom? Will 2021 be he year they come back or will it be much longer?

As for wedding receptions, there has been a 50 person limit on attendance, but according to, a federal judge recently ruled that the limit can change to 50 percent capacity of the venue after a couple of lawsuits were filed, which is fair due to the fact that it's the rule for restaurants in New York State. Now, I 'm not sure if that means it's just a rule change for these two upcoming wedding receptions or it's for all upcoming wedding receptions in New York State.

One factor for wedding receptions in New York State as I understand it, the venues are not allowed to have a dance floor and unless you are seated, you must be wearing a mask. I get the reason for keeping guests safe, but with wedding receptions, I'm not sure how well that will be adhered to, given the fact that it's a social event where people want to interact with each other.

As for those of us who are in the entertainment industry, does no dance floor mean no music and no DJ or band? I can't imagine a wedding reception being very exciting without music entertainment. Will New York State appeal the judge's decision? We'll find out soon enough.


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