Hey Dead Heads, the mid season premiere of season 6 of the Walking Dead kicks off Valentines Day on AMC.

The writers and producers have guaranteed that episode nine will be the biggest yet, so if you normally DVR the show, I would watch it live to avoid any spoilers the next day.

If you think the Walking Dead is all about flesh eating Zombies, think again, although there are some great zombie scenes, the show has an exceptional story line, with great writing and creativity, within the interactions of the characters.

I have watched the show since day one, and I have been such a big fan of the show that I have encouraged many of my friends and family members to watch it.

If you are disturbed by gore I wouldn't recommend it, but the show has an exceptional cast of actors and writers that create a believable apocalypse to George Romero's original story line movie 'Night of the Living Dead'

If you haven't watched the series, you can find it on Netflix, other on line sites, and DVD.

Check out some videos and a sneak peak into Sunday nights mid season premiere