Attention Dead Heads, the premiere of season 7 of the Walking Dead kicks off this Sunday on AMC, check out the season trailer and more here.

If you think the Walking Dead is all about flesh eating Zombies, think again, although there are some great zombie scenes, the show has an exceptional story line, with great writing and creativity, within the interactions of the characters.

Season six ended with the introduction of a new villain by the name of Negan, who had Rick Grimes and his group lined up on their knees, while Negan and his group of armed men stood around them.

Negan was holding a club laced with barbed wire as he walks up and down in front of the group pointing the bat at different members of Rick;s group, letting them know that he needs to make an example out of one of them, obviously by bashing their skull in with his club.

The scene goes dark with the sounds of Negan doing just that, and Sunday night we'll see which one of the Grimes group is the victim

I have watched the show since day one, and I have been such a big fan of the show that I have encouraged many of my friends and family members to watch it.

If you are disturbed by gore I wouldn't recommend it, but the show has an exceptional cast of actors and writers that create a believable apocalypse to George Romero's original story line movie 'Night of the Living Dead'

If you haven't watched the series, you can find it on Netflix, other on line sites, and DVD.

Check out the trailer for Sunday nights season premiere below.