I took up interest in a musical instrument around the time I turned 10. I think it was more of a suggestion when I was in elementary school how much fun it would be to take a music class. And so I did.

My musical instrument of choice was drums. I thought briefly about trumpet or saxophone, but the thought of pounding a couple of sticks on a drum seems more appealing. I took drum lessons from my later years in elementary school through middle school and high school.

I was in concert band, marching band and jazz band. I met most of my best friends through band. I started out on bass drum, then tenor drum and finally the snare drum. The one thing I wanted to learn to play was a drum set, but that never happened, and I hung up my drum sticks when I graduated high school.

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Being in school music education is a fantastic experience. One that I would recommend to any school student to give a try. There are so many rewards to being a part of music education.

This week, the Vestal Central School District sent out a news release about receiving national recognition from the NAMM Foundation (National Association of Music Merchants) as one of the best communities for music education.

“The Best Communities for Music Education designation is an acknowledgement of the daily dedication of our music students and music teachers,” said Gregory Harris, the District’s Music Department Chair. “It also recognizes our K-12 staff, administrators and community members for their continued support of Music Education."

Congratulations to the music programs at the Vestal Central School District. We're proud of everyone involved. You are doing a great service to your students and your community.

via NAMM, Vestal Central School District

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