When I think of malls, which I have always loved, I think of a climate controlled atmosphere, lots of places to shop and a cool food court. well, except for our local mall.

I grew up in the Corning area, and when the mall was built in Big Flats, it was the place to go. We were teenagers, and that's what we did along with teens in every city that had a mall. How many movies feature teens in malls? The answer is a lot. Mostly from the 1980s when it was the hot spot to hang out with your friends.

And the food court was great at the mall in Big Flats. It was on the second floor along with the multi-plex movie theater. Food and fun all in one. But for some reason our mall in Johnson City wasn't build with a food court. I wonder why?

Anyway, the WSYR Syracuse website is reporting that the Syracuse Destiny Mall has put into place a new policy that requires anyone entering the mall who is under 17 years of age, to be accompanied by an adult. And that adult must be 21 or older. The article states that it used to be a rule only during weekend evenings, but now is in force whenever the mall is open.

According to the WSYR article, the mall management set forth the rule to make all who spend time in the Destiny Mall as safe and have and enjoyable experience. Will other malls across the country, including area malls consider putting in this rule as well? What are your thoughts?

via WSYR Syracuse

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