The Heat Advisories for Tioga County and areas to the west and far north of Binghamton are being extended.

Gary Talkiewicz/ Townsquare Binghamton photo
Gary Talkiewicz/ Townsquare Binghamton photo


The National Weather Service in Binghamton says the advisory for Tioga, Tompkins and other counties is in effect again from 1 p.m. July 8 to 8 p.m. July 9.  Detailed information can be found at

Officials say heat, combined with humidity can make it feel like the mid 90s in the afternoon.

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The usual advice is being given: limit outdoor activity to the mornings and evenings instead of the heat of the day, take frequent breaks in shade or air conditioning and drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids.  Never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles and check on the elderly.

The coronavirus is complicating things during the hot spell as well as areas commonly used to cool off, like shopping malls and many senior centers remain closed due to the pandemic.

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