Every year, our company encourages us to take the vacation days we have earned because it's a healthy thing and we have worked for those precious days off. Who am I to argue with that?

Since I spend all my vacation time at a campground, my time off is clustered over the 3 to 4 month period between the end of June and the beginning of September. I don't take any time off the other part of the year, including the end of year holidays. Taking time off in the dead of winter is not attractive for me since I would just be sitting home, bored.

My first vacation is done, that is if you can call it a vacation. It came to a screeching halt in the middle and meant a good portion of it was spending time in a hospital. It wasn't me who was admitted, it was someone close to me.

It's just a part of the unexpected things that life throws at you, and you deal with it. During the time I spent at the hospital, I saw some amazing work on the part of the employees. I have to give kudos to the doctors, nurses, aides and all who work in a hospital. It's amazing how well patients are taken care of to make sure are as comfortable as possible.

Parking, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Every day it was a crap shoot trying to find an open space among the many lots for visitors. And be sure you don't mistakenly go the wrong way in a parking lot as I did one day, accidentally. You'd thought I committed a major sin. Nevermind that many other visitor vehicles were parked in areas that were clearly marked 'No Parking.'

I did get a few days to relax at camp, enjoying campfires, friends and a few beers...at least I think it was just a few beers. That's my vacation. Hopefully, yours will be a bit less stressful.

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