Now that the conventions are over and both parties have chosen their candidate for president, it's time for you to decide who will lead our country next.

I will never talk about my choice for the presidency as I know my audience contains listeners who have different options on who they want to be the next president.

I will tell you that I want someone who I think will be in the best position to lead this country.

There is a lot of mixed emotions from Americans as we head to that decision in November.

This country has had a lot of traumatic situations over the past months, and I think it has left many of us in a state of uncertainty.

We have had worst situations although many of us never experienced a world war, a presidential assassination or the panic of a nuclear attack on our country.

There has been controversy from both candidates and i don't have to elaborate because it's in the news everyday.

I like to have fun on the morning show, so I poke fun at the political arena from a neutral position behind the mic.

I encourage you to vote and if you're not registered go to your voting board and sign up today.

Exercise your right as an American and vote for the person you think will serve this country the best.

I love this country it is the best place on this planet.

Check out both candidates acceptance speeches and listen to what they say

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