According to Broome County Court documents, the trial was scheduled to start October 31 for a Windsor man who was wounded by a Broome County Sheriff’s Deputy after firing a gun at a vehicle that turned around in his driveway over a year ago.   

News accounts following the incident overnight July 2, 2021 into the early morning of July 2, 2021 reported 46-year-old Jamie Crowley accused of firing a shot at a woman who had was making a K-turn at the end of his driveway on Cascade Valley Road.  Law enforcement officials say the motorist had gotten lost and was attempting to turn around when a shot rang out.  The panicked woman called 911 but was not injured. 

WNBF file photo
WNBF file photo

Deputies encountered Crowley on the front porch of his home armed with a .44 caliber revolver which he allegedly pointed at authorities and refused to put down when ordered to do so by Sheriff’s Deputies. 

When Crowley failed to disarm, Deputy Tommy Tran fired his service rifle at the man, hitting him in the arm. News accounts at the time indicate Crowley fired one round in return but there were no other injuries. 

Crowley was treated for a shoulder wound at Wilson Hospital and released. 

Shortly after the incident, Broome County Sheriff David Harder told WNBF that Crowley had admitted firing a gun toward a vehicle that had turned around in his driveway late on Friday, July 2.  

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Crowley was arraigned in September, 2121 and charged with several weapon possession counts, reckless endangerment and menacing police. 

The Broome County District Attorney’s office reviewed the case, including police body camera footage and D.A. Michael Korchak issued a statement July 21st saying his office determined Deputy Tran "acted lawfully, justifiably and in conformity" with the policies of the sheriff's office and New York state in the shooting. 

The Court documents for October 31 say the trial is expected to last two weeks.

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