I keep saying that if, or when I retire, I plan on moving to the South or Southwest part of the U.S. Yea, taxes may have something to do with it, but mostly it's Winter. I never have been, nor will I ever b,e a fan of cold, snow and ice, unless that ice is in a glass with a strong drink.

But after a recent experience, I may have to re-think that move. A couple of weeks ago, I traded in my travel trailer for a new one. Little did I know how much crap I had collected and stored in cabinets, drawers, storage units, and the such.

This is a camper that's not very big, but the amount of stuff that I had to take out of it, was unbelieveable. It more than filled my van, which is quite large itself. I spent an entire weekend moving these belongings from camper to van.

When the new camper arrived, it was now time to take all those wonderful items back out of the van and into the new camper. That took almost 4 days. Not quite sure why it took longer to put back stuff versus taking it all out, but maybe it was because I took too many alcoholic beverage breaks.

The moral of this story is, if this transaction took this long, I can't imagine moving the crap out of my house to another location. And there's a lot of useless stuff in my house, since I've lived there for over three decades. Looks like I'll be spending my retirement right here.