Hopefully, we will all get to retire someday. I certainly hope so, but then again, I tend to think I'd get really bored if I don't at least take up a part-time job after retirement, just to keep active.

Last December when I came down with the coronavirus and was stuck at home for over two weeks, it drove me crazy. I suppose the fact that I couldn't even leave the house made it worse. At least when I retire, I can still head out the door and go someplace, but still I think I'll need some activity to keep from going bonkers.

When I retire, were will I end up living? Will I stay put in the Southern Tier of New York or maybe head over the border to Pennsylvania? I don't think I want to deal with the Northeast U.S. winters for much longer.

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Recently the Wallet Hub website published a report on 2021's Best States to Retire.
The study for the 50 states was determined by several indicators, including quality of life and affordability among other factors according to Wallet Hub.

The study lists the top five best states to retire to from 1 to 5 as Florida, Colorado, Delaware, Virginia and North Dakota. I could imagine retiring to Delaware or Virginia. I love both those states. No thanks to North Dakota. That state makes our cold weather look warm, and Florida would only work for me in the winter. It's way too hot and humid during their extended summer months.

So how did Pennsylvania and New York State fare on the list of best states to retire according to Wallet Hub? Well, Pennsylvania comes in at number 32, so just a bit below the average. And New York, not surprisingly, came in at number 49, just one number above the state of New Jersey, landing dead last for the place to retire.

Do I agree about New York State being one state away from the bottom?  Well yes and no. I love our area during the warm months. The weather isn't bad. Much better than many other parts of the country, and our countryside is beautiful in late spring throughout the summer and into the early fall.

It's the winter months that really get to me as I grow older. And yes, the taxes are much worse than many other states as well. The study from Wallet Hub is a good read if you are starting to think retirement and where you might want to spend your later years. I certainly will be weighing my options before too long.

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