I know life is full of a series of incidents that are unavoidable. And one of those things are breakdowns of things in your home, you car, or whatever you own that has a motor.

And I get that, but it would be nice if breakdowns happened only one at a time or with a long period of normalcy before the next incident. But we all know better. That's not how life works.

I have been dealing with more breakdowns lately than I'd like to have happen. One of those includes a central air unit in my home. About two years ago, it stopped blowing cold air. I made a call to a local company who was able to get it up and running, even though they admitted the unit was getting to the point of no return.

For the next two springs, I crossed by fingers, hoping the compressor would kick in after a long winter of hibernation, and fortunately, it worked. That is until last week. So, I called in my air conditioning expert and he was able to restart it, but that only lasted a few hours.

I just paid off a personal loan, and was looking forward to that few extra bucks each month, but nope. Off to the bank for a new loan. During the few days I had no air conditioning, my home became very warm, plus the humidity didn't help. It made it hard to sleep. As I've mentioned in the past, I don't know how I became so addicted to AC.

And during those hot days, I think it took a toll on my refrigerator. I have both sections set at the highest level and it is struggling. I think the last time I bought a refrigerator was about 20 years ago, so I guess it may be time.

Add those issues to a couple of car breakdowns and a few problems with my camper.  As they say, 'It's always something.' Gotta love machinery.

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