Bernie Sanders after completing his message to supporters in downtown Binghamton on April 11, 2016. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

Several thousand supporters of Bernie Sanders listened to the Democratic presidential candidate during a campaign event in downtown Binghamton.

The United States Senator from Vermont spoke for just over an hour Monday (April 11) at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena.

Sanders devoted much of his message to calling attention to the differences he has on key policy issues compared to Hillary Clinton.

The senator noted his campaign has been fueled with millions of relatively small contributions. He said Clinton has received millions of dollars in support from "big money interests."

Sanders also spoke forcefully against high-volume hydraulic fracturing. He commended New York fracking foes for their efforts that resulted in a moratorium in the state. Sanders said Clinton worked to export fracking around the world.

Sanders criticized the inequality in income and wealth in the United States. He said the very rich continue to gain at the expense of the less wealthy.

After leaving Binghamton, Sanders headed for planned rallies in Albany and Buffalo.

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