There will be no 2020 Democratic presidential primary election in New York State due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The announcement was made April 27 in a vote by the Democratic members of the State Board of Elections over concerns about voter safety.

New York will still hold its congressional and state-level primaries June 23.

Commissioner Andrew Spano said he worried about potentially forcing voters and poll workers to choose between their democratic duty and their health.

Supporters of former candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders are infuriated by the move. They are calling Monday’s decision a strike against democracy. It had been hoped with the Senator’s name still on primary ballots, his agenda would have more weight in forming the Democratic Presidential platform at the upcoming convention.

Getty Images-Win McNamee-Senator Bernie Sanders
Getty Images-Win McNamee-Senator Bernie Sanders

In an April 26 letter, a lawyer for the Sanders campaign asked the commissioners not to cancel the primary.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says he has mixed feeling about the cancellation.  On one hand, he says he hates to see any election canceled.  On the other hand, he says Broome is looking at a substantial savings by not having to mail out ballots and man polling places. That's money the county sorely needs as the coronavirus drains government coffers.

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