Last week was our annual (well, almost annual, thanks to the pandemic) Binghamton On Tap Beer Festival. It was a great time and it was good to see everyone back enjoying all the different types of craft beer and ciders, along with great food, vendors, and live music.

Speaking of beer, unlike many of my friends and relatives, I like to experiment with different types of beer. I prefer lighter beers and pretty much just beers that are brewed in the United States.

I'm picked on frequently among my camp friends when we're at the Saturday Night campfire and I pull out a can of whatever new I'm trying out. Not my fault they are stuck on just one type of beer. Trying something new is what life is all about, and that includes beer, in my opinion.

Well, there's one beer I'd like to check out. According to CNN Business, Samual Adams has a new brew that is so strong, it's banned in 15 states. Now that sounds like a challenge to me.

CNN Business reports that Samuel Adams releases a new version of its Utopia Beer every couple of years, and this October, the 12th version will be available. But the thing is, it's so potent, 15 states have made it illegal for sale because this brew contains 28% alcohol by volume. That is over five times the amount of an average beer brewing in the United States.

So, the question is, can you buy it in New York State and Pennsylvania. The answer is yes. But, do you really want to pay the price? CNN Business reports that the cost for a 25.4-ounce bottle of this new Utopia Beer retails for $240 dollars and Samuel Adams only brews around 13,000 bottles, so it would most likely be hard to find.

I'd like to give it a try, but I can think of better things to buy with $240 dollars than a bottle of beer. How about you? Would you spend that kind of money for a rare, limited-time beer?

[via CNN Business]

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