"Mmm, beer." It's a quote we've heard form Homer Simpson time and time again. Come to think about it, I've said that a few times too.

The variety of beer used to be limited a few decades ago, but now you have more choices that you'll ever get to, especially with the addition of IPA beer. The choices seem endless with more and more varieties popping up every year.

During our Binghamton on Tap event, we had over 100 varieties of beer to sample. That's a lot of beer to try.

AskMen.com recently did a survey last May listing favorite beers by state. Across the USA, Budweiser came out as the most popular, but there were several states that preferred Coors Light or Corona.

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So what beer does New York prefer the most? According to the AskMen.com survey, it's Stella Artois. Really? I've never even tried that beer. Where's the Bud, Coors, Miller, Heineken, Corona, Sam Adams or my favorite Yuengling?

In Pennsylvania, the AskMen.com survey lists Budweiser as the most popular. I guess that makes sense, although I'd think that beers manufactured in PA would be more popular.

Do you know anyone who drinks Stella Artois? I realize it's the best selling Belgian beer in the world, and it maybe it does taste great, but when I'm out at a bar in New York State, I don't see it.

Your thoughts? What do you think is the favorite among beer drinkers in New York and Pennsylvania?

via AskMen.com

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