You've got 10 adults and 5 kids coming to your house.  How much food should you buy?  What if they aren't really hungry?  How much then?  This calculator will help.

This is genius because it happens all the time.  Unless you are a restaurant owner or a banquet manager, there's a good chance that you always over order or even worse under order when you're having people over to your house.

That's why Álvaro Diez, and Marcin Manias created the Omni Calculator.

They claim that this calculator usese the power of mathematics to make sure you have just the right amount of food for you and your guests.

You simply tell it how many adults and how many children there will be eating.  Then click how hungry they are.  Obviously if they're really hungry, you choose "I will eat the food, and then the cutlery."  Then you choose the type of meat you'll be grilling.

It will show you exactly how much to get.  Then the grilling is up to you!


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