Growing up, we were so poor. (How poor were you?) We were so poor, adding bread and mustard to our bologna sandwich was considered a delicacy. OK, not really.

Today, according to the National Day Calendar, is National Bologna Day. It's also National Food Day and National United Nations Day, but let's get back to the meat of the topic - bologna.

Bologna is basically cooked and cured beef or pork. I was introduced to this type of meat at an early age, and it became a staple of my school lunch. Yes, my elementary, middle and high school lunch. Every day.

I've eaten so much bologna in my pre-teen and teen years, that I will most likely never eat it again. There were some days my mom would add a slice of cheese. That was a treat. And once in a while, my lunch consisted of tuna or peanut butter when we ran out of bologna. That was considered a really good lunch day.

I still bring a lunch to work. Saves money, but I'm getting into the same rut. My sandwich of choice is tuna fish. Tuna, mayo and bread. That's it. Once in a while, I will add onion slices, and sometimes I'll toast the bread and dunk it in a piping hot tomato soup. Now that's good stuff.

I understand some people add other items to their tuna fish sandwich like spices or celery. I am not a fan of celery. That's a subject for another time.

So, bologna fans, go and celebrate your day. As for me, I've had more than a lifetime of bologna (in more ways than one.) I'll stick to my tuna fish sandwich, please and thank you.

via National Day Calendar

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