Summer officially left us on September 22nd, but for some reason, it's been hanging on. I call that a very good thing. We've experienced quite a few warm, sunny days in September, so far in October, including this Saturday, Sunday and even Monday. Sounds like a good excuse for a 3 or 4 day weekend!

I'm guessing this will be the final hurrah for summer-like weather, but be assured, I will be taking full advantage of this weekend with a final relaxing trip to the campground. The fridge has beer, and I've got plenty of firewood to burn. On the downside, I will be spending a portion of the weekend putting stuff away and preparing to winterize my camper. That depressing project will be not happen though, until the last October weekend.

My advice is to get outside this weekend, take in the sun, do whatever you can to get every drop out of this extended warm weather, and raise your glass to the end of Summer 2017.

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