We almost halfway into the first month of 2016, and while most people are holding on to their New Years resolutions, one of the biggest struggles is sticking to your diet.

I have always said diets don't work because they are thought of as a temporary plan until you lose the weight.

If you choose to change your eating habits, it has to be a life choice, and something that you make a permanent part of your life, so if you are planning on eating beansprouts and cabbage the rest of your life, the odds of you sticking to that plan are greater than winning the powerball.

Finding heathy alternatives to a life time of bad foods, doesn't happen overnight, you need to work at it and experiment with some heather choices you may have never tried, or haven't touched since you were a child.

If you are making this change with a spouse, you need to find things that you both can enjoy.

Your new life plan will probably not produce the best results if you don't incorporate a regular exercise routine, it doesn't take a lot, just 20 to 30 minutes a day and you'll look and feel great.

I'm sure some heath experts will not agree with me on this next item, but I believe it's ok to treat yourself to a cheat meal now and then, as long as you stay the course the rest of the time.

A recent study found that the average eating healthy resolution lasts about three and a half weeks.

The survey found some the biggest reasons people fail, they include:

  • Going Out to Eat with Friends.
  • Having a Drink after Your Workday is Over.
  • Going on Vacation.
  • The Weekends.
  • Going to a Buffet Restaurant.
  • Being Lazy and Ordering Food.
  • Going to a Bar.
  • Your Refrigerator is Call You.

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