My wife Chris and I have a lot in common. We both like to golf, we both like the same kind of music, and we both like traveling and hanging out with friends. When it comes to doing work around the house, we don't always see eye-to-eye.

Take yard work for example. I really don't mind doing yard work and Chris doesn't mind doing it either. But when it comes to fixing stuff or building something, Chris likes to put her mechanical engineering degree to work, where as I would rather pay somebody to do it so we can spend our time doing the stuff we enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago she mentioned she wanted to build a wood shed. You know, just a small shelter to put firewood in to keep it out of the rain. Up to this point, we were just using a space in the backyard to pile wood and we were threw a tarp over it. That area used to have a bench and flowers around it. So I agreed with her that it looked like crap, and I was okay with us building the wood shed. I never in my life thought it was going to be as big as the one we started building this weekend. Seriously, I think we could put about 3 cords of wood in this thing.

Saturday morning, after I got off the air, we made a trip to the hardware store where we loaded up on wood, wood screws, and corner brackets, and then we came home to start building. We put together both the front and the back walls of the shed and that was it for day one. Yesterday, we went back to the hardware store to get a lot more wood. After we had a little cookout at our house, we started putting the whole thing together. Chris drew up blueprints for the structure, and changed them a couple of times mid-construction. So right now, we still need to get plywood for the three sides and the roof, and shingles for the roof and then hopefully it will be done.

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Chris said that if this turns out well, that she would like to build a tool shed to hold the lawn mower, snow blower, rakes, shovels and stuff like that. I responded to that by saying, “you know people get paid to do these things, right? I also told her that you can buy a shed as well.

I think if she decides to build a shed, I'll just act like I threw my back out or something.

Jim Free's Woodshed so far.

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