So you've been at home for weeks now and are probably looking for new things to do. A lot of people are taking up new hobbies or returning to old hobbies that they haven't enjoyed in years.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to cook, learn a new language, or research your family tree, they are just some of the things people are doing during their stay at home during the Coronavirus.

I found a list on SWNS Digital of the top 40 things people are doing over in England to improve themselves and kill time while they are at home. Even though they are in England, all of these things can be done right here in the Binghamton area as well with the use of the internet.

According to the survey, learning to cook or bake finished first. Other self improvement steps people are taking across the pond include learning a new language, reading up on history, learning how to play an instrument, and attending online classes from a university, to name a few.

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According to the research, people are learning how to write novels as well as learning how to run a small business, and even how to make cocktails like a bartender.

There are so many step by step do it yourself videos on YouTube that you can use to learn skills to help you fix problems with your house as well. You can learn minor plumbing repairs, fix electrical problems, repair your car, or even fix a broken appliance by using these videos.

If you're looking for something different to do, click here for 40 different ideas.

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