Who doesn't love a picturesque small-town holiday winter scene? You know,  there's a bit of snow on the ground, Christmas decorations are all around town, there's a beautiful gazebo in the middle of town with the local townspeople socializing, enjoying refreshments, and local carolers are walking around town singing songs of the holiday.

Is that even a thing anymore? Well, Virginia (or whatever your name is) there certainly is a thing in these United States in 2021. And you can easily find one in Oxford, New York. While there's no guarantee of snow on the ground, the village will be full of holiday spirit this Thanksgiving weekend.

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and all those leftovers history, end your awesome weekend by taking a short drive up (or down) New York Route 12 to the beautiful Village of Oxford on Sunday, November 28th which will be the place to be for a day of holiday fun. It's the annual Holiday Festival of Lights ceremony to be held at LaFayette Park in Oxford.

The festival will include holiday lights,  refreshments, raffles, caroling with Oxford Academy’s student chorus along with a community sing-a-long, the mayor announcing the gingerbread house contest winners, and of course the big event of students from the primary school hitting the switch that will turn on the Christmas Tree lights to compliment all the other colorful holiday lights throughout the village.

The Oxford Holiday Festival of Lights kicks off at 5 p.m. around the Cole Fountain and Veterans Memorial Walkway. And of course, the festival wouldn/t be complete without the arrival of Santa Claus at Hoppie's Banquet Room in Oxford.

Sounds just like those wonderful small-town festivals we've seen in those holiday movies of the past. And I'm sure it will be just like that. For more information about everything Oxford, New York, visit Historic Oxford, New York. 

via Oxford, New York

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