Years ago I would have every intention of watching every minute of that year's NFL Draft. I would sit down and watch the first few picks, quickly get bored and then go do something else. Then I would just read about the picks in the paper the next day.

Last night when the NFL Draft started, I was at a bar and they had it on the TV. I saw the first three picks and that was good enough for me. I have friends that actually throw NFL Draft parties. I have been invited to those in the past but I never went. I love the NFL, except for when players disrespect our military and our country, but I can't sit there and watch the NFL Draft. Especially nowadays with the technology we have available. I have the NFL app on my phone and it was sending out alerts with just about every selection. I was talking to a fellow Eagle fan this morning who said he stayed up to watch the whole draft last night. I told him I couldn't be bothered and it wasn't just because the Eagles didn't have a first-round pick, I didn't watch it because to me it's a lot like an award show on TV, and I've already blogged about how much I hate those.

Here are the highlights from the first day of the draft if you're interested. Cleveland had the first pick and they chose Baker Mayfield, quarterback from Oklahoma. The New York Giants had the second pick and they took Shaquan Barkley, running back from Penn State. The Jets had the third overall pick, and they decided on Sam Darnold, quarterback from USC. Buffalo landed the 7th pick overall and they also took a quarterback by selecting Josh Allen from Wyoming. The draft continues today and tomorrow. The only way I'll watch it is if there are no NHL Playoff games on and I'm bored out of my mind. Otherwise, my cell phone will keep me up to date on all the picks.

[via The NFL]

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