Hop in the Whale time machine with me, won't you? This week, we travel back to July 7th, 1968. It was the year The Yardbirds had broken up and were to briefly become The New Yardbirds.

Jimmy Page joined The Yardbirds back in 1966 as the replacement bassist. The band consisted of Jeff Beck, Keith Reif, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Jimmy Page.

The New Yardbirds came together through the efforts of Jimmy, and brought in Robert Plant on lead vocals John Bonham on drums and finally John Paul Jones. The (New) Yardbirds had a concert obligation to fulfill, and that's why they kept the name for the time being.

The New Yardbirds eventually became Led Zeppelin, who debuted live for the first time on October 15, 1968. It had been rumored that Keith Moon was one of the people suggesting the name change.

Enjoy this vintage performance of Black Dog for this week's edition of our Classic Rock Throwback Thursday.


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