A new album that includes previously unreleased Yardbirds material from 1968 will be released later this year.

Yardbirds '68 is divided into two parts: "Live at Anderson Theater," a concert recording, and "Studio Sketches," a collection of alternate takes and demos made during that era. Both sets feature Jimmy Page on guitar.

The live portion of the album includes some of the band's standards, like "Train Kept A Rollin'" and "Heart Full of Soul," as well as newer songs like "Drinking Muddy Water," which was on the original band's final album, 1967's Little Games; and "Dazed and Confused," which Page would bring to his new group Led Zeppelin later in 1968.

You can see the track listing for Yardbirds '68, which will be released on Nov. 5, below.

The double-vinyl record is available for pre-order now exclusively on JimmyPage.com. “We thought this might be lost forever, but we’ve rediscovered it, remixed it," reads a note on the site from the band's members in 1968, Page, Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja. "It’s of great historical importance. We’re delighted to see the release.”

Page took over guitar duties in the band following stints by Eric Clapton (1963-65) and Jeff Beck (1965-66). Page made just one album with the Yardbirds, Little Games, but toured with them until the band eventually disintegrated and Page formed Led Zeppelin, who were originally called the New Yardbirds.

Founding drummer McCarty currently leads a revamped version of the Yardbirds, who have just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new album. The band's most recent release is 2003's Birdland.

The Yardbirds, 'Yardbirds '68' Track Listing
Live at Anderson Theater
"Train Kept A Rollin’"
"Mr, You’re A Better Man Than I"
"Heart Full of Soul"
"Dazed And Confused"
"My Baby"
"Over Under Sideways Down"
"Drinking Muddy Water"
"Shapes of Things"
"White Summer"
"I’m A Man (contains Moanin’ And Sobbin’)"

Studio Sketches
"Avron Knows"
"Spanish Blood"
"Knowing That I’m Losing You (Tangerine)"
"Taking A Hold On Me"
"Drinking Muddy Water (Version Two)"
"My Baby"
"Avron’s Eyes"
"Spanish Blood (Instr.)"

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