Given the fact that we live in the Southern Tier of New York and the Northeast section of Pennsylvania, it's no surprise that we know any weather predictions no matter how close or how far, can and will be very unpredictable for our area.

That being said, after checking out a May weather article from Big Frog 104 in Utica which is part of the Northeast Region in The Old Farmer's Almanac, I decided to check out our region and what the The Old Farmer's Almanac has listed as its prediction for our area, which they call the Appalachians Region. Binghamton is right on the border of this region alongside the Northeast Region. I wonder if that closeness of each region plays into why our weather results don't always match the prediction?

At any rate, The Old Farmer's Almanac has some cool predictions for May. And by 'cool', I mean cool with an average temperature of 58 degrees and about 5.5 inches of precipitation. That puts us at 2 degrees below normal and about an inch above normal for rainfall or a combo of rain and snow. Let's hope we are done with snow, but you know we've seen snowfall in May many times in the past.

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It's interesting that we border on the two regions - Northeast and Appalachian. The Northeast Region includes all of Eastern New York State just east of Binghamton, including Utica and Rome. The region continues up through the state of Maine.

The Appalachian Region begins just east of Binghamton, past Elmira, and then covers most of Pennsylvania, a good portion of Maryland, about two-thirds of Virginia and the extreme western part of North Carolina, including Asheville, ending at the borders of South Carolina and Georgia.

The Old Farmer's Almanac notes that these weather predictions are regional, rather than specific to any city in each region. For our region in May, The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the first few days as sunny and cool, then periods of rain and warmer, back to sunny and cool, periods of rain and cool, ending the month sunny and cool.

Or it could be completely different. As long as winter is behind us, I'm happy. Bring on May!

via The Old Farmer's Almanac
H/T to Big Frog 104

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