There are very few things that I find more annoying than when somebody is walking their dog and does not clean up after the dog takes a dump. But this morning, I had a strange but true story about police in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who are trying to find a female jogger who keeps stopping to poop in a family's yard. You can't make this stuff up. There's a picture on the Deadspin website of the woman jogging down the road. Police are using those photos to try and get the public to identify the woman.

When they find her she'll be facing charges of indecent exposure and public defecation. I don't understand why someone would do that. The family has even stopped the woman and confronted her about it, and she continues to poop in their yard according to Deadspin.

Three weeks ago, I went to open the passenger side door for my wife, and stepped in dog crap that was left on the sidewalk. Really, your dog pops a squat on the sidewalk and you are just going to leave it there? That person should be forced to eat it if they get caught leaving it on the sidewalk.

[via Deadspin]

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