Today is ‘Super Tuesday’, and since I am not a registered party member, I am giving you a sitting on the fence prospective of what today means for the candidates.

Super Tuesday is a primary that is held by about one quarter of the country that includes several southern states, and that will assign the most delegates in one given day, the republican side will include 595 of the 2,472 delegates, for the democrats it is 1,004 of the 4,763 delegates.

This first of many primaries could be a tell tale sign as to who will get their parties nomination for the upcoming presidential race.

Notable information Ted Cruz's home state of Texas and Bernie Sanders home of Vermont are among the states holding primaries today, and there is a lot of speculation as to whether each will win their state.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the top runners in their parties, so this could be a big indicator as to where they will be in the race for the presidency.

If Trump and Clinton get their parties nominations, this will be an historic election putting either the first non political president, or the first women president in the White House.

Democrats will send 4,763 delegates to their convention, with 2,382 needed for nomination. Republicans will send 2,472 delegates to their national convention. To win the nomination, a candidate must get the support of 1,236 delegates.

The race to the presidential nomination ends June 14 in Washington, D.C. Democratic and Republican voters will either caucus or go to the polls to select delegates to their national conventions during the next four months.

Those delegates will meet in July, either in Cleveland (Republicans) or Philadelphia (Democrats) to select their parties' presidential and vice-presidential nominees and to adopt a platform of principles.

If you are a registered party member, I strongly encourage you to vote in your states primary.