Do you ever put off doing something just because it's going to be a major project? I imagine most everyone on this planet have.

For the past couple of decades, a major thing on my project list has been to clean out the two small sheds I have in my backyard. The shed closest to the driveway has been used to store some of my older mobile DJ equipment. Much of it is broken or no longer useable, along with way too many cardboard boxes that I have a hard time getting rid of.

Whenever I purchase something, I keep the container just in case I need to send back the product I bought. It's happened more often than you'd think. Those containers pile up with each purchase and they take up a lot of room. Actually to the point that I can't even get past the door.

My back shed contains the usual lawn stuff, like rakes, shovels, leaf blower, weed wacker, snowblower, and two old, beat up artificial Christmas trees. Those trees are not in the best shape, but instead of throwing them out, I simply tossed them in the shed. You know, out of sight, out of mind. For a couple of years, I did set one up in my backyard and decorated it with old holiday decorations and strings of lights that only lit on half the string. I called it my Frankenstein Christmas Tree. I thought it looked kinda cool.

Well this year I decided enough is enough, and took on the task of cleaning out both sheds. It was not a fun task, and it took several days, but I did find stuff I haven't seen in decades. Of course, the mice and other varmints have also had access to my sheds over the years, and had made quite a mess of things.

I ended up breaking down a lot, and I mean A LOT of cardboard boxes. It took about six weeks to get rid of all the stuff I threw out. I didn't want to overwhelm the good people who take away my garbage every week.

Now that I have two clean sheds with lots of room, maybe I'll tackle the basement which is full of empty cardboard boxes and throw them in my sheds. It's just just an endless circle.

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