Sometimes I really don't think things through. That was the case this past weekend.

For some reason, a thought came to mind (yea, I know that's rare) about re-organizing my dining room. Well, it used to be a dining room, but over the past ten years or so it's become my man cave.

Maybe the idea came about since I spent a few weekends over the summer cleaning out my two sheds full of crap that's not been seen in decades, and I'm still on a roll to get rid of stuff and take back some space.

Well, I started a bit of cleaning on Friday evening, but figured Saturday and Sunday, I would have plenty of time to do the major stuff. Yea, I got in a bit over my head with this project.

In addition to taking belongings out of the room to make more space, I decided to rearrange the furniture too. You know how that goes. A few things ended up breaking in the process of moving stuff around, including a small monitor and flat screen TV. The upside is, I have a new flat screen TV on order.

After the furniture was placed where I wanted it, the task of what to do with all the crap I moved from its original spot to somewhere else, became a challenge. Then I remembered the sheds had lots of empty space after this summer's clean out.

Guess what? The sheds are now full again. Full of stuff I'll never use or see for the next few decades, or maybe not at all. I'm no sure I have decades left on this rock.

I did finish this fun task, though. Everything is pretty much where I want it to be, but there's still some boxes of stuff I don't know what to do with.

I've got to stop this rearranging and cleaning thing. It's too much work and too much stress. After all, when I'm gone, it'll be someone else's problem, right?

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