Earlier this week we had the fine folks at Mountain Top Grove bring in some of the food that will be served this Saturday at our Parlor City Oktoberfest. Today we had Alex Bartashoff Owner of Strange Brew, Washington St. In Binghamton, bring in the desert side of Parlor City Oktoberfest.

There will be authentic German desserts including Vanillekfierl, which is vanilla crescents. Alex brought these in for us to sample today and they were out of this world. Other German desserts being served at Parlor City Oktoberfest will include; Bienenstich (a custard cake) and Apfelstrudel, which is apple strudel. Strange Brew will also have hot and iced coffee in a variety of roasts, teas, and hot chocolate as well.

We've been telling you about Oktoberfest for months now and it's happening this Saturday up at Mountain Top Grove in Vestal. Get your tickets for just ten bucks during regular business hours here at the radio station, or up at Mountain Top Grove. You can also get them for $11 through our website. They go up to $15 the day of the event. Kids thirteen and under are free.

The food and beer will be available to purchase at the event. And just as a friendly reminder, there is no ATM up at Mountain Top Grove so bring some cash with you.

We'll see you this Saturday for our Parlor City Oktoberfest

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