While looking for Strange But True stories for Freezone in the Morning this morning, I found this story about a guy in Queens in New York City. According to CBS 2 News, the man walked himself four blocks to a hospital after getting stabbed in the heart Monday night. Turns out the guy is a former EMT so he knows something about emergency situations. Maybe he figured it would be faster to walk then to call an ambulance. But I can't imagine walking four blocks with a blade from a knife in your heart.

The man's name is Muhammad Rodriguez. He is 35 years old and is in critical condition after the emergency surgery. CBS 2 reported that police are uncertain if the man knew his attacker or not, and they will have to wait until he recovers to question him. So far police have viewed footage from security cameras around the area where the attack took place.

You can't say New Yorkers are not tough.

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